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Following the Beloved Tradition of the Prophet Muhammad

Following a Beloved Tradition of the Prophet Muhammad

I thought this kind of behavior was normal my entire life. If someone visits, of course you should feed them something! I have even experienced guests insist over and over, “Please, we just ate, you do not need to serve us!” and…

Muslim Hospitality Made Me Embrace Islam

Muslim Hospitality Made Me Embrace Islam

I remember that day until today. It was a beautiful time. His mother greeted me like I was her own son. I felt a bit awkward at first but then I just enjoyed the whole atmosphere. Hasan’s grandmother and grandfather were also there. I remember me asking…

The Story of Prophet Lot

The sinful actions of Prophet Lot’s people saddened his heart. Their abominable reputation spread throughout the land, while he continued to struggle against them. As the years passed, he persisted in his mission, but to no avail. No one responded to his call and believed except for the members of his family…

Lost to Belong!

What attracted me to Islam was the beauty in it. I hadn’t been exposed to all the stereotypes or the media or the negative connotations.

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