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Muslims dating

Hate That You Can’t Date?

Why is dating haram? … No, like WHY? How am I supposed to agree to spend the rest of my life with a complete stranger? And how do you expect me to get to know that person without dating them first? What if it doesn’t work out? I mean, do you guys not see how …

Dealing With Teenage Son's Hormonal Changes

In this counseling answer: •You have to pay attention to him, monitor his behavior and his moods, but try to resist the temptation to “help” him through this phase.He will ultimately seek your help, in sha’ Allah, but right now he just needs you to be there if and when he ever feels he wants to open …


My Pregnant Wife in a Bad Mood, How to Deal with Her?

In this counseling answer: ” By supporting her and showing her that you care by being there for her, checking in on how she’s feeling, you will be better able to understand exactly what it is that is causing the mood changes. This way you will have better insight as to why her moods are the …

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