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Hajj: A Model for Life

How Hajj Can Be a Model for Life

Hajj is now over. Millions of Muslim pilgrims have observed this great pillar of Islam. The memories and spirituality of Hajj are really moving. Pilgrims could not help but have tears in their eyes while observing this magnificent gathering. Millions were heading to the house of Allah in total submission and devotion. The pilgrims prayed …

Stoning Satan

Stoning Satan in Hajj: Beyond Symbolism

Short Answer:Muslims learn in Hajj how to turn a deaf ear to the call of Satan who calls upon them to love worldly matters.With this in mind, Muslims give a pledge to their Creator in theHajjseason that they will remain steadfast. They commit to fighting all evil inclinations inside them and commit that they will …

Arafah - Meeting People Around the World in One Day

Arafah - Meeting People Around the World in One Day

People thought it was impossible to go around the world in 80 days. So what would they think about making that trip in only one day? Well, it is possible on the day of Arafah, the essence of Hajj. Taking a look around at all the pilgrims standing on the Mount of Mercy…

How Hajj Promotes Peace and Unity

How Hajj Promotes Peace and Unity

To the righteous Muslim who has never gone for hajj, the aspiration to embark upon this once-in-a-lifetime journey manifests itself in their psyche as the ultimate “dream come true.” This journey involves repenting for all their past wrongdoings, becoming closer to Allah, turning over a completely new leaf, and resolving to acquire a higher level …

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