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Justin Heyes

Feel Good Muslim, episode 2. Justin Heyes

Sister Lauren Booth presents a brilliant podcast called Feel Good Muslim, a podcast that talks about how we can live a faith-based life. In episode 2 sister Lauran talks to brother Justin Heyes, a comedian, who she met at the Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival, where he was performing his show “White Muslim.” He discusses life as …

4 Things Make a Good Person

4 Things Make a Good Person

A good Muslim ought to be kind-hearted and compassionate towards all of Allah’s creatures on earth. Treating your fellow human beings with dignity and respect, offering them financial and moral help whenever possible, protecting animals and the environment…

muslim husband

My Muslim Husband Doesn't Want Me to Pray

Short Answer:I agree with you thatobeying your husband comes after obeying God. And if the two contradict then definitely you need to work harder in getting your husband to at least accept your commitment to God. What you’re doing is not at all extreme or going over the top, these are just the simple basics …

I'm No Longer A Good Muslim

I'm No Longer A Good Muslim

In this counseling answer: “We all have the potential for good and the potential for bad within us. Some days, it is easier to be good than others. Sometimes, we learn what we are here to learn, and sometimes we forget. You wanted to be with the non-Muslims, but you judged them and distanced yourself. …

Dua To Make You A Good Muslim

Dua To Make You A Good Muslim

This is a beautiful dua to make you a good Muslim. Listen to it every day & learn to recite it. It is repeated throughout with English subtitles.

AboutIslam Good News Awards 2016 - About Islam

AboutIslam Good News Awards 2016

So, at the end of a bleak year globally, let’s take a moment to throw off the winter blues and enjoy Aboutislam’s 2016 Awards. We’ve chosen individuals and groups whose stories of courage, their ability to overcome adversity and whose generosity, gave us some much needed rays of sunshine this year.

How Can I Be a Good Muslim

How Can I Be a Good Muslim?

SalamDear Sanaa, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. Sure we all find your words echoed in our own hearts. Well Sanaa, once we are regularly practicing the five pillars of Islam, we are in contact with Allah. Prayer is our direct communication with Allah and this requires the correct intention, …

How to Live as a Muslim?

How to Live as a Muslim?

Salam Dear Sary, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. May Allah reward you for your efforts in da`wah. Just keep in mind that you will be rewarded not according to whether or not your friend accepts Islam, but according to your efforts, for it is only Allah Who opens hearts. …

bad things

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Salam DearReader, Thank you so much for your question and for your desire to think and reflect on important life matters. First of all, ‘bad things’ or hardships, tests, trials, tribulations are not a source of disgrace to those who have them. On the contrary, they could be a source of honor and testimony to …

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