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Hajj Good Manners

Hajj and Good Manners

Short Answer:The wisdom is that the common atmosphere duringhajjis that of devotion, submission, surrender, peace of mind, and invocation to God. God wants all pilgrims to perfect theirhajjby focusing on every possible act of worship to get closer to Him. When a pilgrim cuts this state of devotion by having sex with his wife, he …

Never Say‘I Can’t Help

Never Say 'I Can't Help..'

When he was trapped deep in the well, Joseph prayed rather than blaming God for his misfortune. When he wasimprisoned without guilt, he didn’t hesitate to render his service to the benefits of humanity. Though everything might seem okay, we never know what’s behind the scene. Most of the time, everyonewould be fighting his own …

Kindness and Encouragement Costs Nothing

Kindness and Encouragement Costs Nothing (Spiritual Posts)

Anyone can do a kind deed here and there. Sadly some people experience little or no kindness in their lives. It can be seen in their eyes and in the way they pull away from others. By listening we can hear it in their voices. Reach Out in Kindness These posts remind us to think …

6 Means to Prepare for the Final Journey

6 Means to Prepare for the Final Journey

When you pass away, do not worry about your dead body as fellow Muslims will take good care of it… They will take off your clothes, wash your body up, and wrap it in a clean white shroud. They will take you to your new house, the grave. Many are those who will escort you …

Muslim students

Muslim Students Help the Homeless in Louisiana

Nestled in the hubbub and humidity of New Orleans, Louisiana lies a Catholic University that hosts a Muslim Student Association (MSA). Xavier University is a private, coeducational, liberal arts college with the distinction of being the only historically African American, Roman Catholic institution of higher education in the United States. Within this unique university setting …

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