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Are Women an Evil, Dangerous Fitna For Men?

Short Answer: Of course not. Women are people, and they are the equal parts to men. They only become a “fitna” or “test/trial” when people exploit their beauty, or when they themselves willingly use their beauty in the wrong context. This is part of the wisdom behind hijab. Men must lower their gaze, too, though, so women …

Young, Alone, and Tempted by Women

Young, Alone, and Tempted by Women

Answer: Wa ‘Alaikum Salaam brother, You are at the age where marriage and career are two very important things in your life and people often mistakenly think you can only have one or the other. But this is not true. Certainly, being financially stable can make it easier to find a spouse and get married, …

Why Did Van Doorn Become Muslim?

“What causes a person like this to turn around?” Well, as a result of that film, he naturally was approached by many Muslims who tried to show him the light and at first he resisted this, but he went along just to see eventually how maybe he can talk some sense into the Muslims.

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