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If Allah Is Just; Why Is Life so Unfair?

If Allah Is Just; Why Is Life so Unfair?

Ever wondered why the world has all the suffering and agonies we watch day and night? Why some corrupt people enjoy luxurious life with no deterrence or punishment? Meanwhile, the noble and kind effort of many good people go unnoticed or recognized? Is life fair? How can all the above be compatible with Allah’s perfect …

Men-Only Masjids: Are They Mosques At All?

BIRMINGHAM – Shaykh Fadel Soliman is an international speaker, filmmaker and presenter of Islam. The Bridges Foundation of which he is Director has distributed over 300,000 free DVDs of its films to non-Muslims with the aim of sharing good information about Islam with different communities. Shaykh Fadel has a Master’s degree in Shariah. He spoke …

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