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Austria Bans Muslim Women Face-Veil

In decision protested as discriminatory, Austria’s parliament has approved on Thursday, May 17, a new law banning burqa in public places, and imposing a €150 fine on Muslim women who challenge the decision.

UK Party Wants Burka, Shari`ah Ban

The leader of a British far-right party has vowed to enforce a complete burka (face veil) and Shari`ah courts ban if he won June elections, as he released the party’s manifesto.

Merkel Proposes Muslim Face-Veil Ban

As the world riles with the election of US president-elect Donald Trump and the introduction of Brexit, German Chancellor Angela Merkel launched her re-election campaign battle on Tuesday, December 6, with a vow to ban Muslim women face-veil.

Aren't Women in Niqab Too Oppressed?

Aren't Women in Niqab Too Oppressed?

Salam (peace) Dear Questioner, Thank you so much for asking your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. It is very important that you ask in order to learn deeply, become more aware, and broaden your perspective about the world around you and about people’s faiths and passions. We hope this is a step forward …

Ofsted Raises Controversy Over Niqab in Schools

The chief inspector in UK education inspection body has raised a fresh controversy after threatening to penalize schools where Muslim face-veil, or niqab, is worn, facing huge criticism from both Muslims and educationalist.

Cameron Supports Burka Ban in Schools, Courts

Debated for long years in the UK, a full-face burka ban seems closer than ever after British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that Muslim women can be banned from wearing veils in schools, courts and other British institutions.

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