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6 Excuses to Travel Overseas for Your Next Ramadan

6 Reasons to Travel Overseas for Your Next Ramadan

Ramadan is a spring cleaning for Muslims. Recharging, reviving and refreshing is inevitable for those who take the month fully on. For Muslim expats, making a run to their native lands in this blessed month, is crucial for feeling Ramadan the most. Even if you aren’t from a Muslim majority country, why shouldn’t you jump on …

Though Non-Muslim This British Expat Has Not Missed Ramadan for 20 Years

Though Non-Muslim, This British Expat Has Not Missed Ramadan for 20 Years

DUBAI – Long-term British expatriate Nick Watson has been living in the Emirates for 20 years and so far, he hasn’t missed one Ramadan. “While living in the UK, my exposure to Ramadan was limited, though I was familiar with the basic concept of the Muslim tradition. My perception of the month of fasting has …

Qatar Non-Muslim Expats Fast to Help Somalia

A Qatari hotel has sponsored a fast-a-thon charity event in which it invited non-Muslim expats to experience Ramadan and fast for one day, donating QR200 on behalf of participants to help end hunger in Somalia.

600 Expatriates Find Islam in Qatar

DOHA – More than 600 expatriates in Qatar have chosen to revert to Islam, joining thousands of annual reverts in the gas-rich Gulf state. The news, announced by the Qatar Guest Center, Sheikh Eid Charity Association, said that 615 people living in Qatar have reverted to Islam during Ramadan, Qatar News Agency reported. The majority …

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