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Muslim Woman Wakes Up After 27 Years in Coma

Though doctors said she would never wake up, an Emirati Muslim woman has made a seemingly miraculous recovery after emerging from a 27-year-long coma, The National reported. “I never gave up on her because I always had a feeling that one day she would wake up,” Omar Webair told the newspaper on Monday. In 1991, Munira Abdulla …

From Abu Dhabi to Makkah: Muslim Runner 340km Away from Haram Mosque

24 days after starting from Abu Dhabi, Al Suwaidi nears end of challenge As he gets closer to the Great Mosque of Makkah, his spirits and capabilities increase RIYADH – An Emirati runner who kicked off his challenge to run to the Grand Mosque in Makkah on February 1 is only 340km away from reaching …

Archaeologists Uncover 1000-Year-old Mosque

AL-AIN – The oldest mosque in the United Arab Emirates has been uncovered by archaeologists, the mosque believed to date back to 1000 years. “The new findings at the Al Ain archaeological sites prove the richness of the region’s history, which allows us to expand our knowledge of ages long past,” Mohammad Khalifa Al Mubarak, …

Emirati Church Hosts Ramadan Iftar

ABU DHABI – Every Ramadan, hundreds of mosques across the United Arab Emirates open their doors to host iftar dinner events for all people. But on Wednesday, June 6, a church in Abu Dhabi, invited Muslims to share iftar meal, and hundreds of attendants enjoyed the occasion, sharing food and thoughts. “It feels awesome and …

This Woman Prepares Daily Iftars for Low-Income Families

MERBEH – Fatima Al Yamahi spends Ramadan cooking signature dishes to sell at affordable prices at the local market in Fujairah, UAE. “I first started selling food at the Fujairah food market five years ago, adding spices that give the dish a taste from the past that people like a lot. The aim was to …

Emirates Exhibits 1350-Year-Old Qur’an

One of the oldest manuscripts of the holy Qur’an is drawing a huge number of visitors to the Sharjah International Book Fair, driven by hope to see the 1350-year-old replica.

355 Revert to Islam in Emirates

More than 335 Emirates residents of different nationalities reverted to Islam at the Islamic Information Center of the Dubai government-run Dar Al Ber Society during the holy month of Ramadan.

Bilal Movie Set for Release in September

A new animation movie telling the story of Prophet Muhammad’s companion Bilal ibn Rabah (may Allah be pleased with him) will be released in cinemas next September, in the first-ever animation movie produced by Arab artists.

Opera Tells Life of Prophet Muhammad

Saving no penny, the wealthy Sharjah emirate has opened a huge musical opera that tells the story of life and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), sending an out loud call for dialogue among different faiths

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