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World Leaders Send `Eid Al-Fitr Greetings to Muslims

World Leaders Send `Eid Al-Fitr Greetings to Muslims

World leaders have sent special greetings to the Muslim community to mark the end of Ramadan and `Eid Al-Fitr, commending their spirit of giving and integration. “Eid al-Fitr marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. After a month of fasting and spiritual reflection, Eid is a time for community and celebration,” Canadian Prime …

UK Christmas Charity Celebrates `Eid with Muslim Kids

British charity group, Secret Santa, which gives Christmas presents to disadvantaged children, announced it would be presenting toys to hundreds of sick Muslim youngsters to celebrate `Eid Al-Fitr, BBC reports. “The unbelievable generosity of the local British Muslim community had inspired a similar campaign – Secret Sheikh,” said Phil Boulding, who organizes the campaign. Secret …

The Journey Has Just Begun

Ramadan Journey Is NOT Over... It Has Just Begun!

The month of Ramadan is like the preseason camp for a football team or the prelaunch work for a new store or the development time for a new product. The football season only starts after the camp is over. The store opens after the prelaunch work and the product goes to market after the development time is over.

Eid Al-Fitr

What Should Your Kids Know about Eid Al-Fitr

It’s time for Eid celebrations and our kids might be enjoying the festivities without knowing what’s going on. In this infograph, we got the basic information your kids should learn about Eid al-Fitr.

What It Feels Like to Spend 'Eid in Makkah

What It Feels Like to Spend 'Eid in Makkah

The night before Eid… The moon has been sighted, the official ‘Eid announcement has been made and the atmosphere instantly swells with excitement. You would think being away from family on such an event would dampen the spirit, but I was living in a city like no other; I was living in Makkah, the birthplace …

Fun Eid

How Can Muslims Celebrate, Have Fun in Eid?

Short Answer:  It is important to laugh and joke and to show the world that Islam brings great happiness to our lives. We have so many examples of our Prophet laughing and joking with his Companions and his wives. We must make our celebrations fun, being a natural part of being Muslim. We need to re-kindle our love for Islam …

Eid is on Working Days: I Can’t Feel The Festive Mood

Eid is on Working Days: I Can't Feel The Festive Mood

Salam Aleikom, In this counseling video, you will learn: Next year, take both days off if you can. Eid prayer is in the early morning. So, could you maybe ask permission from your workplace to be a bit late so that you can at least attend the prayer? You may want to do similar things …

How Can We Make `Eid Fun?

How Can We Make Eid Fun?

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.  All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger. In this Fatwa: 1- Eid is supposed to be fun 2- The Prophet allowed two girls to sing using duff. 3- The Abyssinian kids were dancing with their spears and …

Muslims Celebrate `Eid Al-Fitr Tuesday, Wednesday

Muslims worldwide are now divided on the date of celebrating `Eid Al-Fitr, which crowns the end of the holy fasting month of Ramadan, with some marking it on Tuesday and others on Wednesday, June 5, based on different times of ascertaining the moon-sighting. Religious authorities in Saudi Arabia have announced that the new moon of …

With Dearborn Volunteers' Gifts, 'All Kids Will Have `Eid Joy'

A group of volunteers in Dearborn, Detroit, are making sure no kid is left without an `Eid this year, donating and collecting toy drive to give them the Muslim holiday joy, The Detroit News reported. “Our volunteers come together for one good cause and to see firsthand that poverty does exist in our community,” said …

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