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Are You Ready to Die?

Are You Ready for Final Journey?

This is a powerful and inspiring speech by Imam Siraj Wahhaj. Preparation for the inevitable end is one of the things that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) commanded us to do. But, why is it so important? Why do we need to always remember death and get ready for it? Join Imam …

How the Fear of Death Helped Me to Live

How the Fear of Death Helped Me to Live

After diagnosis, the world looked like a different place, it was as if my vision had sharpened. There is so much beauty if you take the time to notice it, not just in the most breath-taking natural settings, there is beauty even if you live in a suburban neighborhood…

The Angels Take Your Soul To The Heavens And It Is Greeted By Angels

What happens to your soul when you die? The angels take your soul to the Heavens and it is greeted by Angels. They will ask, who’s beautiful soul is this? Once the body has been prepared for burial Allah commands the angels to return the soul back to be questioned in the grave.

Is Afterlife Real?

Is Afterlife Real?

Most religions and faiths believe in the existence of an afterlife. For some, this is in the form of reincarnation. For others, there is heaven and hell. Is there a way to find scientific evidence that points to the existence of an afterlife? When the physical body dies, how is the afterlife experienced? Is it …

Mind Death

Study Shows Mind Still Works After Death

{And they ask you, [O Muhammad], about the soul. Say, “The soul is of the affair of my Lord. And mankind have not been given of knowledge except a little.”} [Surat Al-Israa 17:85]. Scientists say people are aware they’re dead because their consciousness continues to work after the body has stopped showing signs of life, Dave …

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