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5 Habits to Better Manage and Look Forward to Your Period

5 Habits to Better Manage Your Period

Even though it happens on a monthly basis for most, menstruation has a way of catching women off guard. Premenstrual symptoms, such as irritability, bloating, or cravings seem to rise inexplicably out of nowhere! Then there is that “aha” moment when the period actually begins and it all starts to make sense. Every discomfort connected …

I Feel Sad for Having My Period During Ramadan

I Feel Sad for Having My Period During Ramadan

In this counseling answer: •You can do other activities when you have your period that will enhance your spirituality, your closeness to Allah and your feelings of continued participation.These include volunteering with the needy, preparing food for the hungry or homeless, organizing fundraising drives for those in need, etc. •You stated that you always feel …

Menses and Overcoming Depression - About Islam

Menses and Overcoming Depression

Short Answer:To be able to combat your feelings of depression, remind yourself that you’re not being prevented from connecting with God, nor are you being banished fromHis mercybecause something is wrong with you. Much to the contrary, there is nothing wrong with you. In fact, God is giving you a lighter load in consideration of …

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