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How Can I Show My Father The Way to God? - About Islam

How Can I Show My Father The Way to God?

Short Answer: No matter what your father decides, Islam teaches that you continue to give him the rights he has over you (of love and respect). Free choice and special status as a parent are his lawful rights granted to him by God and asserted in the Quran. Check the suggestions below for further details. …


How to Persuade My Mum to Come Back to Islam?

Walaykum Asalam wa Rahmat Allah dear Sister, Thank you for sending your question. We’re sorry to hear about your dad. May Allah grant him forgiveness and the highest reward in Paradise. Ameen. With regards to your Mom, I would like to give youthe following advice insha’Allah: 1- First and foremost, do your best to be …

Tell Family Want Muslim?

How Can I Tell My Family I Want to Be Muslim?

Salam (Peace) Kenyah, I am happy to hear that you are interested in becoming a Muslim, and I pray that God will guide you and help you in this. You can try looking on theIslamic Finderor any other search engine on the Internet for mosques or Islamic centers near you. But let me also give …

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