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Is Suicide the Solution? Fadel Soliman Answers

Is Suicide the Solution? Check This Answer

The very idea that someone wants to die is frightening. As a result, suicide is not an easy topic to discuss. However, talking about it does save lives. Would suicide really help? The huge pains that many people go through may prompt them to consider ending their life, but is it a wise decision? Will …

Depressed? Dr. Qadhi Offers Tips Without Judging Your Faith

Depressed? Dr. Qadhi Offers Tips Without Judging Your Faith

Four words that should never be said to those suffering from depression.The problem is you. Contrary to belief suffering from depression does not mean lack of faith. Depression is widespread around the world. Depressive disorder has an enormous impact on a person’s ability to function. It affects work, relationships and other areas of life. Suffering …

How to Battle Difficulties with Patience?

How to Battle Difficulties with Patience

Answer: As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum dear brother, Patience, as you have correctly identified, is something that we all need, but we hardly have. In all circumstances, we must certainly have patience, but patience does not come without the complete belief and trust in Allah (swt). This is because it is our complete faith and trust in Allah …

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