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I Think I’ve Committed Shirk; I’m Scared

I Think I’ve Committed Shirk; I’m Scared

In this counseling answer: • If you have sincerely repented and said shahada Allah will and has forgiven you. • Replace the negative statement with a positive, and repeat this process until it stops. • Seek counseling with a therapist who is familiar with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. As Salamu Alaykum brother, Thank you for writing …


Praying to and Honoring the Shaheed of Badr

Short Answer: There is nothing in Islam which suggests that living people can “summon” the souls of the dead. In fact, all the references which we have to souls coming to the world after having left it, are in the form of dreams. None of these accounts areSahih. Dreams can be of three types: true, …

Horoscopes Are A Form Of Shirk - About Islam

Horoscopes Are A Form Of Shirk

Do you check your horoscopes in the newspapers? Even if you don’t believe it but you check them, you are committing shirk.

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