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Hopeful or Worried: US Muslims Gear Up to Vote

Feeling the power of a unity vote for the first time, American Muslims are gearing up to Tuesday’s vote to choose a new president for their country, driven by hope of making their voice heard and fear of the consequences of the close race.

Halloween Parade Gets Political in New York

With the presidential election just one week away, it probably came to no one’s surprise that throngs of people flocked to the 43rd annual Village Halloween Parade in New York City Monday night dressed as either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

US Muslim Voters Share Views on Elections

To say Islam, its adherents and so-called faith-based terrorism has been one of the main focuses of the US presidential election is a bit of an understatement.
Political rhetoric surrounding “radical Islamic terror” has been rampant this election cycle, ranging from some candidates urging American Muslims to be vigilant and “on the front lines” of defeating terror to others advocating for a complete ban on all foreign Muslims attempting to enter into the United States.

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