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5 Ways for New Muslims to Find Inner Peace

5 Ways for New Muslims to Find Inner Peace

Adherence to the religion of Islam does induce a great sense of peace and satisfaction that is soothing to the body and mind. Achieving inner peace, while in a state of Islam, can have enormous effects on our faith and our quality of life.

Beauty of Freewill

The Beauty of Free Will

For freewill or choice to exist there has to be another option other than following our base desires. There literally has to be something else to choose. That something else is voluntarily submitting to the will of Allah and exercising the choice and determination to overcome our own will to do what is better.

Good & Evil

Do Good and Evil Both Come from Allah?

Short Answer: The foreknowledge of Allah is different from predestination. “All good that comes to man and all evil that befalls him flow originally from Allah’s will: that is, everything is from Allah. When man uses his free will and makes a wrong choice out of several available options, evil follows.We should remember that evil …

Content Though the Heart is Aching - What's the Secret? - About Islam

Content Though the Heart is Aching - What's the Secret?

The feeling that nothing whatsoever in this universe can slip from the grasp of God pours peace and tranquility into the heart of the believer. No matter how troublesome the circumstances are or how dark the situation is, they remain under the Will of God

Remember That Allah is Most Merciful - About Islam

Remember That Allah is Most Merciful

If Allah loves us, He will put us through hardships according to the level of our faith. Be sure that if you have good in your heart, He will reward you with better than what was taken from you, or hardships you have faced.

From Ignorance to Islam - About Islam

From Ignorance to Islam

I began feeling the necessity of something else in my life. Then one of my sisters, back from a journey to Syria, gave me a book. This book, written in my language, is a gift she received there. Its author, who had titled it “The Bible, Quran and Science”…

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