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Raising Yourself from Humanity to Spirituality

Raising Yourself from Humanity to Spirituality

Great souls live with a much wider outlook from a higher altitude of life, much keener awareness, and stronger feelings. They are upright on the straight path, from which they rarely swerve. They are accustomed to soaring high, and rarely fly low.

Guidance to the Light

To reflect on my hardships alone would imply I have gained nothing by becoming a Muslim other than pain. On the contrary, Islam has given me already so many vast rewards, I shiver to think of how much more wonderful the gifts of Paradise would be.

Ramadan - Feed Your Body and Soul

In addition to striving to better ourselves spiritually this Ramadan, let’s also resolve to better care for this amanah – the body. This blessed month during which Allah has facilitated self-improvement is a great time to start.

A Blessed Invitation

How can there be more than whatever material we want? How can there be more than each person being given an estate that will take hundreds of years to cross through?

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