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free ways to study

13 Easy, Painless and Free Ways to Study Over Summer

We suggest three different approaches to keeping your brain well-running this summer: online courses, planning ahead, and/oreducating yourself. There are plenty of free ways to study while still enjoying your Summer break! If you were thinking these are your study-free months – but wait! There is lots of good reason andsciencethat encourages learning during the …


How to Focus While Studying?

Short Answer:Seeking knowledgeis highly praised in Islam, as you know. And studying followed by exams is the normal way to increase in knowledge and to move to higher levels of certification.Distractions in today’s world are many, and you mentioned a couple of them in your question. Butmoderationand good time management are the right answers in …

Supplications Studying

What Supplications Help with Studying?

Short Answer: There are no specificdu’aa’s that Prophet Muhammad told us to say to request help from Allah in our studies. You can ask Allah to help you succeed in learning the material in your own words, from your heart, in your own language. There are somedu’aa’s, however, that modern scholars recommend saying before and …

I Haven’t Done Well in My Entry Tests; I’m Depressed

I Haven’t Done Well in My Entry Tests; I’m Depressed

In this counseling answer: The difference between a successful and an unsuccessful individual is not IQ or test scores, but rather grit, or perseverance. So, evaluate yourself and your study habits. Make a list of ways in which you can improve. As-Salamu ’Alaikum dear sister, I am glad that you have placed your trust in …

A Perfectionist’s Scars of Bullying

A Perfectionist’s Scars of Bullying

Answer: As-Salamu ‘Alaykumsister, You have presented a lot of issues. It seems you have an immense amount of pressure dealing with parental expectations, school, and your own selfhood. Unfortunately, I will not be able to address them at length in my response but will provide some general advice. Consult with a school counselor about all …

Marriage, an Obstacle to Fulfilling My Dreams

Marriage, an Obstacle to Fulfilling My Dreams

Answer: As-Salaamu ‘Alaykum wa Rahmatullah dear sister, Thank you so much for your question and your honesty. It seems you really want to complete your education, but there have been obstacles in your way. Firstly, I would go to a doctor to speak about your depression. Sometimes, severe depression can be helped by some medication …

Prayers for Tests - About Islam

Prayers for Tests

Asalamu AlaikumSumayya, Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. May Allah reward you abundantly for your interest in knowing your religion. As for the first point of your question, there isn’t anysurah(chapter) in the holy Quran named “durud al abideen”. But since “durud”in your dialect meansdua (supplication), then perhaps you simply mean a …

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