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This is the Most Blessed Time of the Day, Use it Wisely

Allah has placed barakah (blessing) for us in the early morning. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:

Allah has placed barakah for my nation within the early morning times. (Authenticated by Al-Albani)

So there is a special type of barakah that happens at the early morning.

A tip for some of you that the fajr time is a time when most of the people in the household are sleeping. So those mothers who are perhaps working from home with a business that they’ve made, a model that works from home… it’s better to do your work at that time when there is no distractions really.

Allah has places special type of barakah during this time. Anything that you want in your life to be blessed, use this early morning time, especially from fajr till the sun rises.

That is the most blessed time for a person to do anything. Whether that be memorizing the Quran, reading something, whether that be business even…

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Story of a  Wealthy Companion

That’s why the narrator of this particular hadith, Sakhr Al Ghamedi, realized the potential of this hadith. So in the morning time, he would do his transactions after fajr.

Sometimes I go to the store and pull the leg of the merchant saying: “Why don’t you open your store up early in the morning?” And I told him about this hadith. Even no one is here, Allah will place barakah.

Even in the Madinan society, people are sleeping… sometimes in Madinah fajr becomes really early… Not everybody is going to practice this, but this companion realized it.

So in the morning time, he would conduct all of his transactions in the early morning. The companions said:

“His wealth became very much and he became very wealthy.”

Some narrators said that he had so much money that he didn’t even know where he should put it, like he didn’t have enough room in his house to keep his money.