This Man Will Get the Smallest Reward in Paradise

What is the least a person will have in Paradise? The answer is found in a hadith narrated by Al-Bukhari and Muslim.

Prophet Moses ibn Imran (peace be upon him) asked Allah about who is the one who has the least in Paradise?

He’s informed that he is a man who will come after the people have all entered paradise. So, everyone has taken their place in paradise and they’ve entered it.

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Then, it will be said to him:

“Go and enter into Paradise.”

So, he enters Paradise and he looks around and he thinks there’s no place for him, he sees that it’s full; he will go back and say:

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“Lord I found that full.”

And, so it will be said to him:

“Would you be pleased if there was a kingdom for you like one of the kingdoms of the world?”

He says:

“I’ll be pleased My Lord! I’m happy with that Kingdom.”

So, Allah will say:

And for you is the like, and for you is the like… five times the like.

And, so the man says:

“I’m pleased with this, enough!”

So, Allah says:

This is for you and ten times alike.