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8 Programs for Better Spirituality in Ramadan

8 Programs for Better Spirituality in Ramadan

One of the blessings of Ramadan is the beautiful series of reminders and talks by Imams and scholars. They touch on diverse topics that aim to enrich our Ramadan experience, increase our faith and improve our spirituality. Below, we collected some of these series. If you know more, please share them in the comments: Dr. …

Allah Wishes Ease for You (Pearls from the Quran)

Why America Needs Ramadan Lifestyle
Why America Needs Ramadan Lifestyle

I think it is about time that American Muslims  and Muslim minorities in general flip the script and change the narrative about our values, religion, and existence in the western hemisphere. It’s about time that we stop being apologetic and defensive, but in return highlight why the world cannot function well without us and without …

What Happens To Your Body When You Fast Ramadan?
What Happens To Your Body When You Fast Ramadan

Do you know what happens to your body when you fast Ramadan? This video has some excellent tips on the foods we should avoid as well as what we should try and eat and drink. There is also an excellent break down on what happens to our bodies when we begin Ramadan fasting! Fascinating!

Benefit Iftar Supports Toronto’s Top Cancer Hospital

The Faith of Life Network raised $35,000 for Toronto’s Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation at its Annual Benefit Iftar held at the hospital on Thursday, June 1.

Fasting in Ramadan – A Spiritual Ritual or Culture?

Do we live or just practice Ramadan and its fasting obligation? Do we tend to feel and experience or just survive it?
As hinted earlier, the raison d’être for this peculiar state of affairs is a belief that fasting is part of Muslim culture, rather than…

Newlyweds in Ramadan: Is Everything under Control?
Newlyweds in Ramadan: Is Everything under Control?

A few months ago, I attended a two-day Islamic conference on the fiqh or Islamic jurisprudence of marriage. All praise to Allah, it was a very enlightening and beneficial tertiary-level course that was taught by one of the most honorable and respected Muslim names of our time. However, there was one particular moment in the course that …

From Germany to Morocco: Story of Two Hasans
Repentance story

At the Islamic Center, I found a message from a friend of the man I had been looking for, which read, “The man who posted the advertisement is in hospital suffering critical conditions, and he needs you and urgently asks for you”, with the address of the hospital mentioned in the message.

Should Muslims in the North Fast 20 Hours a Day?

Editor note: This article was first published in June 2015. We republish it here due to its relevance and the useful information it contains. Summary This article surveys the different opinions regarding the maximum length of fasting for Muslims living in northern regions of the globe. My main concern is to ease the hardship that …

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