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5 Reasons Why Dhul-Hijjah 10 Days Are Very Special

5 Reasons Why Dhul-Hijjah 10 Days Are Very Special - About Islam

These days, many messages and posts on social media are circulated about the significance ofDhul-Hiijah 10days. Scholars and Imams encourage people to increase their good deeds. You may wonder why these days are receiving so much attention. After all, these are not Ramadan days. But, you know what? These days are comparable to, or even …

Combating Loneliness and Isolation as a New Muslim
Combating Loneliness and Isolation as a New Muslim

The most difficult part was telling my friends that I had made the decision to become Muslim. It was frightening, the thought of being judged and abandoned by people that I had called friends for years. Sadly, as time went by, a lot of friends did disappear…

Volunteering Campaign: Get Involved
Participating in Volunteer Activities with Non-Muslims

Summer is the best time to engage in community work and volunteering activities. You might beBeing a Muslim Volunteer: Why & How thinking now “Oh, I’ve finally got some free time to relax and have fun and you want me to volunteer and do more work!”. Okay, we all agree that having free time is …

Not a Pilgrim? Here Are 5 Things to Do in Dhul-Hijjah Days
Not a Pilgrim Here Are 5 Things to Do in Dhul-Hijjah Days

What to do in Dhul-Hijjah Days if you are not performing Hajj this year? The blessed days of Dhul-Hijjah are almost upon us! These are very special days. Our beloved Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) described themas the days during which good deeds are more beloved to Allah than any other days. Pilgrims …

10 Ways to Help the Poor and Needy
help the poor

Why Help the Poor? Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that of the most rewarding actions in Islam is: aiding those in need, gladdening the heart of a Muslim, feeding the hungry, and helping the afflicted. He, peace and blessings be upon him, also said: “Allah will aid a servant (of His) so long as the servant …

Answering Why Muslim Women Wear Hijab in Summer
Wearing Hijab in Summer … The Question and Answer

Muslim women wearing hijab in non-Muslim or Western countries oftentimes spend their days enduring the rudeness of being stared at, mocked or sometimes even physically assaulted. Unfortunately this is part of the every-day life of many hijab-wearing Muslim women, which can sometimes include an array of annoying questions that somehow seem to peak during the …

Play and Pray: Here is How Imam Drew Children to Mosque
Play and Pray: Here is How Imam Drew Children to Mosque - About Islam

An imam in northern city of Kocaeli in Başiskele district, Turkey, has succeeded in attracting a big number of children to summer Qur’an classes in his mosque by making it more kid-friendly with a new playground, Daily Sabah reported. “I used to play around at the mosque, while the adults were praying when I was …

5 Types of Volunteerism
5 Types of Volunteerism

If you’re reading this, most probably you have recently finished exams and now enjoying your Summer break. Havingfree time is great of course! But, would you rather spend your summer doing something meaningful? Perhaps, by volunteering? Here are fivetypes of volunteerism you can think about!

Don’t Know Where to Volunteer? Here’s a Long List
Don't Know Where to Volunteer? Her's a Long List

Volunteering is the cornerstone to the greatness that enables many charitable and other organizations to be able to do their work, both in epicness and complexity. Feeding thousands of people across the globe takes a lot of hands, but volunteering whether locally or abroad should never be thought of as free labor – it’s a …

6 Tips for Summer Time (Infographic)
6 Tips for Summer Time (Infographic)

Finally the summer is here and time to enjoy the holiday. Looking for ideas to have a great and beneficial time? Check these tips for summer time

Use Summer Time to Fortify Your Soul
Summer time

Nature has a strange way of calming the soul and reviving the spirit. Within minutes of arriving at the ocean, you can feel a sense of harmony covering you like a blanket.

In Summer, Keep Your Kids Active with Gardening
kids gardening

It’s Summer time when kids spend hours playing with tablets, mobiles and watching TV. However, parents should think ofother ways to entertaintheir children; ways that are of benefit such as gardening. Gardens can be a great place to cultivate a meaningful and fun learning experience for children. It’s the best way to connect your children …

How Should a Woman Deal with Head Cover in Summer?
How Should a Woman Deal with Head Cover in Summer

Short Answer:You can skip the under chin pin, and wrap thehijabtwice around the head instead, then pin it over the head with small straight pins. There aremany ways to follow this stylereally comfortably in a way that secures thehijabin place and makes you very comfortable around the chin area.You can skip the under cap altogether. …

Quick, Easy Summer Hijab Styles

Remembering My First Summer as a New Muslim
Remembering My First Summer as a New Muslim

Coming from the land of 10,000 lakes means that being on the beach or boating is a part of local culture. While all of my friends and family were in their summer clothing, I still covered my arms and legs, and I could never find a good answer to all of their questions.

Hijabi’s Guide to Surviving Summer Heat
Hijabi’s Guide to Surviving Summer Heat

It’s that time of the year again when the sun is shining and everyone is outside enjoying the gorgeous weather. But for hijabis, such a hot weather would be a challengeespecially when it’s humid. It’s not easy to stay fully covered in hot Summer days we have to admit. However, wegot some tricks to deal …

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