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Why Didn’t the Prophet Stay in Makkah and Worship Quietly?

Kings will hate you!

One of the most interesting conversations that took place during that time was the conversation with Bani Shaiban. The conversation took place with 4 of their top leaders.

They were a strong tribe, large in number, and known of high quality character, a perfect fit for what the Prophet was looking for.

They even liked the message of Islam and they all agreed that it was worth believing in it. However, at the end of the conversation, one of their leaders said,

“We think that what you came with is something kings hate. If you want, we can host you and protect you from all the Arabs. However, we won’t be able to protect you from others.”

They were referring to the great Persian Empire not far from the north of where they lived. More interesting than the offer was the response of the Prophet to the offer.

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He politely refused the offer clearly pointing out that he was looking for someone to shoulder this responsibility all the time in the face of all difficulties, a very clear sign that the Prophet was not looking for a place to live and perform some rituals.

The Hijrah marked the move where Islam had the hosting city. It  marked the event where the Prophet finally had the support he was looking for.

The Hijrah marked the event where Muslims started spreading their message away from the torture of Makkah.

A Muslim’s Responsibility

We should understand our role as bearers of the message of Islam in our land. Our people have the right to know this message, pure and clear.

Our people have the right to learn about it and have the right to embrace it if they want. We cannot confine our role to be a group of people who worship Allah in isolation.

The message of Islam is a message of mercy to mankind until the Day of Judgment.

As it was the responsibility of the Prophet and his Companions to carry out this message until it has reached us, it is our responsibility to take it to our people and to generations to come.

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