Imams & Scholars Mourn Junaid Jamshed

Grief and shock clouded many US Imams’ social media pages following the news of Junaid Jamshed’s passing away yesterday in an air flight crash.
The scholars mourned the man who “had everything a youth could dream of at his fingertips,” said Nouman Khan, but “gave all of it up to pursue a path he well knew would bring him little appreciation and much criticism.”

Born in Sep. 3, 1964, Junaid Jamshed was a popular Pakistani musician and artist. He left his music career later in 2004 to focus on preaching and Da`wah activities. He passed away while returning to Islamabad from a Da`wah mission in Chitral.

Imams and scholars shared their condolences, supplications, reflections and memories they had with Ustadh Junaid (may Allah have mercy on him).