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Moulana Yunus Jaunpuri, Great Scholar of Hadith, Passes Away at Age 79

In a beautiful hadith, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) tells us that wen a person dies, all his good deeds cease except for three:

A continuous act of charity that goes on after his death,

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beneficial knowledge which the deceased left behind,

and righteous children who pray for him.

This hadith gives us solace as we bid farewell to renowned Islamic scholar, Moulana Yunus Jaunpuri, who passed away at his hometown Saharanpur in India on Tuesday. We hope he will fully benefit from the rewards of leaving beneficial knowledge.

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According to a statement issued by Jamia Mazahir Uloom where he had taught for several decades, Jaunpuri who was 79 felt unwell after morning prayers and was taken to a local hospital where doctors pronounced him dead.

Born in October 1938 in Jaunpur district of India, Moulana Yunus Jaunpuri was a known figure in scholarly circles.

He was admitted in Jamia Mazahir Uloom in 1961, and graduated in 1963, after which he was appointed administrator of the seminary. He was appointed Sheikh-ul-Hadith at the seminary in 1971, where he served until his death.

According to testimony by his students and friends, the remarkable thing, beside his immense knowledge, was his simplicity. His life was an embodiment of the Sunnah (the Prophet’s way of life).  He not only taught it, but more importantly, he lived it.

With great sadness, we pray that Allah Almighty accept and reward the effort of this great scholar and shower him with mercy and blessings.

His simplicity, hard work, dedicated and sincere search for true hadith manifested his true love for Islam.

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