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9 Tips to Reap Utmost Benefits of the Quran

5-  Identify and relate to the meanings of the verses read and respond to them sensitively

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When reading the verses about attributes of Allah, bring to mind Allah’s incomparable nature and absolute uniqueness.

If you are reading the verses that speak of Allah’s creation, think of the manifestation of divine power as revealed in His work and creation (i.e., the oceans) to recognize Allah’s might and glory.

When reading the verses describing Paradise, cherish such desire for it that you spontaneously seek Allah’s mercy.

When reading descriptions of Hell, tremble with fear and pray that Allah keeps you safe from it.

6- Visualize that Allah is speaking to you directly through the Quran

As the late Dr. Iqbal said,

“No advice from anyone benefited me as much as the advice of my Mother who told me, ‘My son, when reading the Quran, visualize in your mind that Allah is speaking to you through it!’” This is why Muhammad ibn Ka`b Al-Qurazi, one of the scholars from the generation after the Companions of the Prophet said, “Whoever has received the Quran, Allah has certainly spoken to him!”

7- Be sensitive to it

Imam Al-Ghazali says:

“In order to benefit from the Quran, three of our faculties must participate in the act of recitation, namely, the tongue, mind, and heart. The tongue articulates the Quran’s sounds, the mind translates its meanings, and the heart senses and receives its admonitions and counsel.”

8-  Develop the qualities of the Servants of the Merciful

The ultimate objective of the revelation is to transform our inner personalities in such a way that we personify the ideals and ethics of the Quran. This is why the Prophet was described by Aishah as a walking Quran. So not only should we read and reflect on its message, but most importantly, we must act according to it. This was the practice of Companions of the Prophet who thus combined knowledge with practice.

9- Send salutations on the Messenger, the medium of the Word

We cannot detach the Message from the Messenger, for he alone is the interpreter par excellence of the Word and its living exemplar. Therefore, we ought to consistently send salutations of peace and blessings on him. For without a deep love for the Messenger, we cannot truly appreciate the revelation sent by Allah through Angel Jibreel. 

 May Allah continue to shower His blessings and peace on His Servant and Messenger Muhammad, his family, and his companions. And may He grant us all the honor of joining their privileged company after we depart this transient world. Ameen.

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