US Imams & Scholars “March with Linda”

Muslim Imams and scholars, along with many figures and activists, have been tweeting and posting in support of Linda Sarsour since yesterday.
The US Muslim female activist is facing hatred social media campaign meant to undermine her, following her effort in co-organizing the Women’s March that protested the policies of Donald Trump.

In a Facebook post published yesterday, Sarsour requested prayers in face of the intense, coordinated attack:

I need extra prayers sisters and brothers. The opposition cannot fathom to see a Palestinian Muslim American woman that resonates with the masses. Someone whose track record is clear and has always stood up for the most marginalized. They have a coordinated attack campaign against me and it’s vicious and ugly. It’s not the first time, but it’s definitely more intense – the fact that my children see it is what is bothering me the most.

They will not succeed. I have helped build a movement, I am ready for what’s to come so they can spew alternative facts and piece a twisted narrative together if they want – I and we will still rise.

We have never been outnumbered, we have only been out organized. That changed this weekend – and they are not having it. We are ready to move the masses towards justice for all of us. We can do it.

Prayers up US Imams & Scholars "March with Linda" - About Islam??

The hashtag #IMarchWithLinda was launched to show solidarity with Linda Sarsour. Below are some posts by Muslim Imams and scholars where they express their support: