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COVID-19: Sense of Responsibility and Power of Solidarity

Undoubtedly, we are all in an unprecedented moment in the history of mankind with COVID-19 still causing disasters here and there, as well as disrupting lives at multiple levels.

With growing anxiety, panic, fear and sorrow, the pandemic is certainly wreaking havoc everywhere in an unprecedented mode; the very tiny microorganism has brought all humans to their knees!

The whole world is still struggling to make sense of this terrible situation. We are transiting now from months-long lockdown to phases of gradual/complete reopening; in some countries authorities have decided to coexist with the virus.

With this in mind, I see two very important factors worthy of our attention: Responsibility and Solidarity.

Each one of these two factors has a great role to play in our quest for a better understanding and strategy of coping with this pandemic. 


Waking us all from our slumber, the coronavirus has sparked off our sense of responsibility; everyone now realizes the importance of being responsible, starting from the level of being self-responsible, whereby each and every individual tries to take responsibility over aspects of his life, over things he has under his control; up to the level of family responsibility, as well as state responsibility, which of course requires a higher level of leadership. 

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Responsibility is one of the well-established principles in Islam; it guides manners, behaviors and how humans should approach any given situation. It’s also a cornerstone of the Islamic world vision through which a proper framework is laid down to safeguard rights and protect properties. 

This world vision comprises philosophical concepts and spiritual values. Both serve as a guide to know how a true Muslim thinks; and how he coexists with the universe in light of the divine revelation.  Responsibility is certainly one of these concepts. 

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