Wouldn’t Eternal Life in Paradise Be Boring?

What is wrong with those people who believe in Paradise? I mean, is the eternity boring? Being stuck in a place forever doing the same things over and over again?

Actually no. It is the exact opposite.

Let’s do some thinking together.

Now, when is something boring to us? If we repeat something over and over again, we all get bored sometimes because we are sick of doing the same stuff.

The reason for that is simple: The world we live in is temporary, so are the possibilities. Everything is limited.

Limited Life

Let us think about the following example:

Imagine that you are rich. What would you do with all your money?

Let’s say, you would like to travel the world, right? When you travel the world for the first time, everything you see and experience is exactly… you have fun and enjoy yourself, then you decide to travel the world again for the second time, you do the same things which you did in your first journey.

Now that you know everything, and since you have experienced everything before, you start to get bored… this is why you decide to visit other places in your third journey and you do other things. More than that, you travel for a fourth and fifth time.

In the end, you went to all places that are possible and exploited all possibilities… because this world and everything in it is limited and temporary. This is why you start to get bored again.

So, here we have our world and finite place with limited possibilities. But the Eternity, which we mentioned in the beginning, is different.

Why you ask? Simple. It is the complete opposite. It’s an eternal place with eternal possibilities, unlike the earth. How could it be boring?

Limited Possibilities and Imaginations

Let me explain why one would claim that.

Imagine you have a scale which can weight a hundred kilograms. If you want to weigh something that is under or exactly hundred kilograms, it isn’t a problem, right? But what happens when you put something on it which is two hundred kilograms?

Exactly, the scale would only show hundred kilograms because that is its limit. The same thing is the case with our imaginations and our thoughts; we cannot imagine eternity; we cannot imagine having eternal possibilities in paradise. We’ll never get bored…

You see that our imagination is restricted, that’s the reason why we think that eternity could be boring; we are not able to imagine eternity. More than that, everyone has wishes and different imaginations like wishes which cannot come true in this world. Where do these wishes come from in the first place?

The wish to fly, to breath under water, to teleport ourselves to different places, to break our own limits!… Why do we have these wishes inside us? Even though they speak against the scientific rules, even though they are impossible to fulfill according to science. Where does this urge to boundlessness come from?

Try to think about it. Ask yourself why do we have such a programing in us?

Created with a Programing

Let me give you an example: Some of us like to have an aquarium at home, that sounds pretty normal, right? We have different fishes, and maybe even little crabs in it. What do we do with them?

Yes. We look after the living beings inside the aquarium, we give them something to eat, we watch over them, we make sure that the water is clean, and so on. But why do we even do it? Why do we feel the need to have an aquarium at home and watch after some fishes?

Let me tell you, we take this idea from the nature: this is one Creator God, who takes care of His whole creation, we have this urge to take care of fishes for example, because we prove His existence with our behavior.

He created us with this programing exactly like this. We are programed to have fishes which are impossible to be fulfilled on the earth.

So, one can say that having needs and wishes are a proof of God Himself, and having wishes which cannot be fulfilled are a proof of a hereafter, a place where can we break our chains and be free, where we can do everything we ever vision and imagined.

Everything has a reason, nothing in this world or in us existing without a reason and wisdom. Look at the fantasy movies in the cinema, there are mermaids who live underwater, there are heroes with special powers, magicians, and riches.

Let me give you another beautiful example. Look at the children, or remember your own childhood, isn’t it interesting to see how children imagine crazy things: ‘I’m a water man I can walk above water and I can talk to animals…’ Funny!

Even our fantasy isn’t always from this world. Everyone has wishes which cannot be fulfilled in this world.

Proof of the Hereafter

Let me give you another example for the proof of the hereafter: Love. Interesting!

Love is a proof of the Hereafter.

Why you ask? Does your love have a limit? Did you ever say, ‘I love so many things, my limit has been reached?’

No. Because there is no limit to your love; because the Almighty gave you the ability to love endlessly… you can love your phone, different songs, your clothes, people… one day you try and need Frappuccino and say, ‘yeah, I like this one.’

God is endless, He has no beginning nor an ending, God is the creator of space and time, so is your love and your wishes to live. People want to live, they want to stay young or find a way to live eternally. That is because there is a place where it is possible to do so. It is the Hereafter, it is the Paradise.