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Sharing Islam with a 93 Years Old Woman!

I’m here in Detroit in the Southfield Public Library and along with me is sister Laura, a French Canadian descent. She came to the public library to listen to the presentation on Islam and many things were discussed.

Laura: I’m 93 years old, and I’m glad I’m still breathing, but it’s challenging.

Q: What brought you here today to listen to this long presentation sister Laura?

Laura: Well, I think we should find out about each other no matter what. And what we’re striving for is peace in the world and we can’t be tribal, and say if you’re not of my tribe, you’re my enemy or something like that. I think we should be human beings and part of the world.

Jesus had one commandment and that was:

Love one another.

And if you believe that, then the ten commandments show you how to love one another.

There’s also one of the important principles in Islam that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that:

Not a full believer if you eat your fill and your neighbors are hungry.

So, loving and taking care of the neighbors and society and humanity is a fundamental belief in Islam.

Q: What is your knowledge base of Islam by the way? How much do you know about Islam?

Laura: Not too bad, but I know a lot of people that are you know like in the business world with hijab, it shows all the woman’s beautiful faces but the rest is covered up.

I could tell you some stories about that. You know that at one time in my church we had to cover my hair in church because we couldn’t distract men.

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