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10 Symptoms Someone is Converting to Islam

Of all the things our friends and families could get into, we in the West seem to fear Islam the most. Which is pretty dumb because as someone who has drug addicts and criminals as family members, I can tell you there are much, MUCH worse things (and converting to Islam is NOT a bad thing, fyi).

With so many people in the West converting to Islam, “concerned” citizens have started making claims that halal meat, learning Arabic words, or even eating falafel turns people into Muslims (whatever turning into a Muslim means?! as if you become a vampire). Such claims are beyond absurd, ignorant, and seriously offensive.

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But, satire aside, there is a certain paranoia in the West that someone you know might become a Muslim. So in order to calm fears, I have compiled a list of symptoms that someone might display if/when they start to contemplate choosing Islam for their life. Beware!  This is pretty tame stuff.

1. Not Eating Pork – Converted to Islam?

Sure, sure it’s bad for your cholesterol and you need to bring down your blood pressure, but if the guy next to you at lunch doesn’t order pork … He might be thinking about becoming a Muslim!

This guy has GOT to be a Muslim. You can tell his sandwich is all beef. The guy behind him is letting the FBI know.

2. Ditching Toxic People

I guess it could be just a sign of maturity if the one you love finally breaks up with the loser boy/girlfriend or ditches the drug dealer side kick. But why chance it? They could be converting to Islam!! The horror!

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bad company

3. Becoming More Respectful to Parents

Golly Gee! Your loved one might have finally realized all that their parents had to put up with just to raise them. But, if that same loved one becomes “irrationally” respectful of their parents, why not suspect that the creeping Shariah of Islam has something to do with it? A chilling thought.


4. Being More Modest in All Matters

Have you noticed your friend or family member stopped twerking in booty shorts, stopped cursing so much, or even stopped claiming they are God’s gift to anything? You wouldn’t be remiss if you suspected Islam was sneaking into their hearts. How dare they!


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About Theresa Corbin
Theresa Corbin is the author of The Islamic, Adult Coloring Book and co-author of The New Muslim’s Field Guide. Corbin is a French-creole American and Muslimah who converted in 2001. She holds a BA in English Lit and is a writer, editor, and graphic artist who focuses on themes of conversion to Islam, Islamophobia, women's issues, and bridging gaps between peoples of different faiths and cultures. She is a regular contributor for AboutIslam.net and Al Jumuah magazine. Her work has also been featured on CNN and Washington Post, among other publications. Visit her blog, islamwich, where she discusses the intersection of culture and religion.