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Top 10 Ask About Islam Q&A’s in 2016

Islam is a religion that encourages questioning. We are instructed in a number of places in the Quran to reflect, to ponder, to explore. In the spirit of curiosity and exploration, we at offer counseling services through Ask About Islam.

In Ask About Islam, we are dedicated to taking each query seriously and providing real responses to your most pertinent questions about Islam.

Our top Q&A’s this year mostly dealt with questions about women’s status in Islam, who the Prophets in Islam were, how Islam views non-Muslims, and marriage issues.

This list provides an overview of the top 10 most popular questions in 2016.

We thank you, our readers and questioners, for making this much needed dialogue possible. And we look forward to receiving more of your thought-provoking questions in 2017.

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Enjoy our Top 10 countdown for 2016!

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10 Was Muhammad Mentioned in the Bible?



9. How Did the Prophet Spread Islam to Humanity?



8 Did Jesus Claim That He Is God?



7 If Heart is Clean, Why Cover the Head?!



6 How to Make Him Marry Me?



5 Fight Non-Muslims until They Accept Islam?!



4 Is It the Wife’s Obligation to Serve Her Husband?



3 How Can I Tell People that Islam Is Peaceful?



2 The Status of the Prophet in the Universe



1 Does Islam Oppress Women? My Friend Asks

Hoping that your 2016 was fruitful and that your 2017 will be blessed!