Appreciate your Spouse – Funny Video

We need to develop… We have some weaknesses sometimes, we spend more time on the internet than we do with our own people who live with us… and this is a problem of the age.

If your marriage is not going to suffer, what’s going to happen? Sometimes we are so harsh the way we talk, we have no loving words to say and then people say:

“What you think I’m going to say? Nothing worse… I’m your husband!”

It’s like one man was asked by his wife:

“Before we were married you used to send me roses, and used to give me so many things and so we got married and all this get stopped.”

You know what he said:

“Have you ever seen a fisherman give a worm to the fish already caught?”

And that’s the case. That’s how we look at women. Then we have the wrong idea our marriage is awkward… the fish will find its way back into the ocean, you know, that how many people have caught big fish and suddenly the fish is gone back.

“What happened to your fish?”

“I had a very big fish… it’s in the ocean!”

That’s why we say appreciate what you have before you lose it and don’t wait to lose something before you appreciate how good it was.

People say:

“Oh I made a big mistake”, but why didn’t you think about it whilst you were in it?

Allah blessed you with the condition. Think about it. You have someone they might not be a hundred percent (perfect) but nobody is going to be perfect.

And the one who is perfect will not want you… that brings me to another point: All of us want good spouses but how many of us want to be a good spouses? That is a question “I want a lovely husband who’s going to be this and that”, but have I worked for him to want me.

So many people say:

“I want to marry this guy, will he marry me?”

The truth is he probably wouldn’t why?

Because you haven’t even led a life that would be interesting for him. That’s why I say you won’t get a hundred per cent and if you get someone who’s hundred per cent, you won’t be hundred percent for them.

So just maybe you make the most of what you have and work on it and make someone somewhere who’s close to you at least feel loved so you can have later life when you die, your spouse will say:

“Wow! My husband or my wife had dedicated their lives to me and the family… and my Allah grant them Jannah and so on and so forth.

About Dr. Mufti Menk
Dr. Mufti Ismail Menk is a leading global Islamic scholar born and raised in Zimbabwe. He studied Shariah in Madinah and holds a Doctorate of Social Guidance from Aldersgate University. Mufti Menk’s work has gained worldwide recognition and he has been named one of “The Top 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World” since 2010.