A Beautiful Promise From Allah

Indeed, Allah is free from need of the worlds. (Quran 29:6)

Allah doesn’t need you or me. He doesn’t need my prayers and my dua; Allah doesn’t need me to stay away from Haram things; He doesn’t need me to control my tongue… Allah doesn’t need me for anything.

He Will Bury Your Sins

If I am doing those things, I’ve only done them for my own benefit and for my own self. That’s Allah’s teaching. He said:

And those who have faith and do good deeds, we will bury away their sins. (Quran 29:7)

What that means is even when they’re going through a really hard time, they hold onto their faith, they don’t let go of good things, they don’t let go of their prayer. Because when people go through tough time, they stop praying. When you do that, you’re cutting the connection with Allah.

That prayer is what helps you in your life; it’s what gives us the strength in our hearts to deal with all of our problems. We’re cutting off our own medication when we’re not praying anymore.

Even if you feel like, “I don’t feel anything when I pray,” even if it feels like it’s barely there, don’t let go of the prayer, it will become stronger later.

Allah guarantees that He will bury away our sins and He will compensate us with the very best of what we used to do.

Understand this beautiful promise from Allah.

He Will Count Your Very Best Things

We’ve done some good things and some bad in life, and sometimes we’ve done some pretty great things. Maybe one day you did such an amazing deed, but not everyday. If Allah buries away your sins and you can hold on to His faith, He will give you the best.

If you have five exams in math class for example. In one exam you scored a 20%, in another exam, you scored 60%, in one exam you scored a 50%, in one exam you scored 100% miraculously. And the teacher say, “I’ll take your highest score and I’ll make that your entire grade.”

That’s exactly what Allah is saying. Allah is saying:

If you can survive with your faith and don’t abandon it, and you do good deeds, then I will take the very best things you’ve ever done, and I will give you the reward based on your very best.

He won’t gauge us on every prayer. The bonus is that He will give us reward based on the very best prayer you’ve ever had in your life. It’s as though that was every single prayer in your life. Suhanallah!