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“Real-Life Hero” Mohamed Salah Saves Homeless Man from Abuse

Mohamed Salah was described as a “real-life hero” after he stepped in to help a homeless man from being abused by a group of men.

The Liverpool star intervened in the incident at a petrol station near Anfield last month after Liverpool’s victory against Arsenal.

David Craig was harassed by a group of men. Salah heard what they said to Mr. Craig and told them “that could be you in a few years.” Salah talked to the men before going to the cash machine and handed £100 to Mr. Craig.

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Mr. Craig was quoted saying “Mo was every bit as wonderful as he is for Liverpool on the pitch,” by the Sun.

The whole incident was caught on CCTV as reported by The Independent

Mohamed Salah will be back in action with Liverpool on 17th October in the Merseyside derby.

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