Cosmos: From Absolute Cold to Absolute Hot

The well-known geologist Dr. Zaghloul Al-Naggar explains that the cosmos is collectively referred to in the Glorious Qur’an with the term “heavens and earth”, or simply “heavens”, and sometimes in the singular form “heaven, firmament or sky”.

Al-Naggar says that such reference is made in about 310 Qur’anic verses (190 in the plural and 120 in the singular form) to describe certain characteristics of the universe, successive stages in its creation, its final destruction and annihilation, as well as its recreation.

Qur’an shows clearly that the cosmos’s Creator, Allah the Mighty Lord, has placed a tremendous divine focus and attention in designing this marvelous creation.

This divine attention existed ever since the cosmos was brought into existence by Allah through the Big Bang event, and continues throughout the long life of the cosmos to make it comfortable and habitable for the living organisms.

In light of that, Islamic Shari’ah encourages us to discover the wonder of this universe created by God. Astronomy is the main scientific discipline which help humans uncover the mysteries of this spectacular and enormous being we name cosmos.

By measuring the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, we realized that the average temperature of our observable universe today is approximately 2.73 kelvins which is about -270.42 degrees celsius below zero.

Via this ultimate thermometer infograph, we’ll find out the hottest and coldest things ever measured in the universe.

Cosmos: From Absolute Cold to Absolute Hot - About Islam