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US Muslims Mark #MuslimWomenDay

US Muslims Mark #MuslimWomenDay

NEW YORK – Celebrating Muslim women’s struggles, dreams, and resistance, American Muslims mark Tuesday, March 27, the second Muslim Women Day.

“We wanted to create a day where we just celebrate Muslim women…and engineer a new precedent for Muslim women’s representation in mainstream media,” Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, founder of Muslim Girl blog told CNN.

Muslim Women‘s Day is a call to action to… center Muslim women’s voices for the day, to empower us, to flood the Internet with new, diverse, positive stories and Muslim women’s voices, and basically just pass the mic.”

On March 27, 2017, the organizers launched the first official Muslim Women’s Day with the main goal of celebrating achievement of Muslim women and amplify their voices.

For the second year, Al-Khatahtbeh hopes to maximize on results of last year’s success.

“My favorite part about Muslim Women’s Day last year was how it really afforded us an opportunity to change the culture around how we talk about Muslim women and how we cover their stories.

“And this year’s going to be even bigger. We have even more partners involved, more social media networks that are elevating these conversations on their platforms, more organizations that are tapping into this really pertinent conversation.”

This year’s theme is “Muslim women talk back to violence.” Yet, Al-Khatahtbeh hopes to give Muslim women a voice.

“Our theme for this year is ‘Muslim women talk back to violence’ so, whether it’s gun violence or a #MeToo or #TimesUp movement, these are obviously themes that impact women from all backgrounds, across the board,” she said.

“But this day is specifically to center Muslim women’s voices that often get drowned out of the conversation.”

As Twitter hashtags help to organize tweets by a common theme or topic, #Muslimwomensday quickly went viral as women shared their experiences and shout outs to Muslim women who inspired them.

Muslim women from numerous backgrounds used the hashtag to assert their voices:

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