Syrian Immigrant Receives 10 Scholarships in Ohio

COLUMBUS, Ohio – A teenage Syrian immigrant has been offered 10 scholarships in Ohio and is wait-listed on Harvard only four years after escaping war in her home country.

“I came [to America] four years ago from Syria. I didn’t speak any English,” Sara Abou Rashed, told WCMH.

“We escaped the war.”

Rashed came to Central Ohio after a devastating war forced her family from their homeland.

Last week, she was one of 300 students at Centennial High School being honored for her scholastic achievements.

The journey was not an easy one.

“It was very difficult at first,” she explained. “I struggled to make friends.”

Later on, she learned to accept and celebrate her differences.

“I started acknowledging how different I was and how it is okay that somebody is different,” Rashed said.

Rashed has been offered scholarships at 10 Ohio universities, and she is on the wait list at Harvard. Her scholarship offers come to a whopping total of $1,100,000.

Rashad’s achievements was not limited to educational ones. The young Muslim will be competing at a poetry contest in West Virginia this weekend.

“I am America! I am America, because America is one resilient woman who is loud, proud with shoulders sheltering continents, arms extend and reach beyond oceans,” her poem reads.

Rashad is not the only successful Muslim student this year.

Earlier this month, Amina Mabizari achieved a rare honor after being accepted by 7 out of 8 Ivy League schools, with only Harvard putting her on a waiting list.