Sacramento Muslims Feed Homeless on Xmas Eve

SACRAMENTO – On Christmas Eve, volunteers with the American Muslim Voice were out in the streets, preparing and handing out 1000 free dinners for the homeless and needy for the fifth consecutive year.

“It’s so cold, I can barely stand out for a minute and I feel like, ‘Oh my goodness, there are so many people who stand all night, they sleep in the cold outside and it’s so cold,'” Fazela Begum, one of the volunteers, told Fox40.

“I wish I can help them in some way, and that’s when I heard about this organization and I just came here,” Begum said.

Begum came all the way from the Bay Area just to help Sacramento’s homeless on Christmas Eve.

She was one of 75 volunteers with the American Muslim Voice who served 1,000 dinners at Loaves & Fishes.

“So we had to tell people [to] stay home,” the organization’s president, Khalid Saeed, said, confirming that 175 people wanted to come.

The free meals on Christmas Eve is a tradition that Muslim volunteers with the American Muslim Voice have kept over the past five years.

“Jesus Christ is part of our religion, to believe that he was a true Prophet born to Virgin Mary,” Saeed said.

Along with supporting the underprivileged, Saeed said his group volunteering Sunday helped dispel other myths about Islam.

“Their organizations and foundations are spending millions of dollars to create hate against Muslims and Islam,” Saeed said.

Like Saeed, Begum does not pay attention to the hate and focuses only on helping the needy.

“A Hindu, Muslim, Christian, we’re all the same in God’s eyes,” Begum said.

Christmas is the main festival on the Christian calendar.

Muslims believe in Jesus as one of the great Prophets of God and that he is the son of the Virgin, Mary, but not the Son of God. He was conceived and born miraculously.

In the Noble Qur’an, Jesus is called “Isa”. He is also known as Al-Masih (the Christ) and Ibn Maryam (Son of Mary).

As for his crucifixion, Muslims believe that Jesus was not crucified but was lifted up to heaven.

Muslims believe that Jesus will come back to earth before the end of time to restore peace and order, fight the Anti-Christ (Al-Masih Al-Dajjal) and bring victory for truth and righteousness.