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On World Interfaith Harmony Week

New Platform Created for People of Faith to Share Stories

People say, it is through hearing and sharing faith stories that we grow closer to one another and closer to God. It is through telling stories that we energize people to work hard to make sure every person is safe, has enough food to eat, clean water to drink, and a good education.

In a time of a great division, the Canadian Interfaith Conversation (CIC) has launched a new platform through which people of faith can share their stories forming the religious community in Canada.

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“In this time of great division, we know that stories matter: The stories we tell and the stories that remain untold shape the world we live in,” said the Canadian Interfaith Conversation (CIC) in a press release quoted by Iqra.ca.

The statement added, “in this project we want to amplify and include new voices and create space to tell another story, a more inclusive and complex story of our history together.”

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Canada-wide interfaith project was launched as the world marks UN World Interfaith Harmony Week 2022.

Celebrated from February 1-7, the World Interfaith Harmony Week seeks to bring together all people of good will, regardless of faith, to learn about each other and find ways to work together on common agendas.

New Platform Created for People of Faith to Share Stories - About Islam

Sharing Stories

The new AnOther Story platform will be a community generated compendium of the stories of the many religious communities in Canada.

The user-friendly website will have timelines, stories and links to further story resources that your community may have already developed.

There will also be educational resources and discussion guidelines that can be used by educators across the country.

“Our hope for this resource is to increase representation of communities who have been missing historically from the stories told in our school curriculums,” said Richard G. Chambers, M.Div., M.Th. Program coordinator, Canadian Interfaith Conversation.

“We will be highlighting the top 10 ten stories from each faith community.”

This is not the only recent stories-based website to be launched in Canada.

Last month, Canadian Muslim started a new website to tackle Islamophobia by telling everyday stories, giving Muslims, allies, and those interested in standing up for Muslim communities an opportunity to participate in outreach.