N. Dakotan Hugs Muslim Women She Threatened

NORTH DAKOTA – Expressing her sincere regrets, a North Dakota woman has met two of the three Muslim women she threatened in a Walmart parking lot, as the women urged her employer to rehire her.

Police Chief David Todd posted a photo on Facebook Thursday of Amber Hensley of Mapleton with her arms around Leyla Hassan and Sarah Hassan, with Todd in the background.

Todd said the women “have come together and talked through this incident.”

“We have some ugliness in our community that needs to be addressed and worked on,” Todd said.

“However, perhaps we can all take a lesson from what was an ugly unfortunate interaction and how even despite words being said that cannot be taken back, forgiveness and understanding can still be achieved.”

The encounter started when Hensley shouted at Rowda Soyan, Sarah Hassan and Laleyla Hassan in the car park of a Walmart in Fargo, North Dakota, as she believed they had parked too close to her car.

Hassan recorded a video of Hensley delivering an angry tirade, which was sent to the police and circulated widely on social media.

When Hassan warned she was going to report the incident to the police, Hensley said “Do you think the police care?”

Hensley said she was “terribly sorry” for threatening the women.

Meanwhile, One of the Muslim women told The Forum newspaper in Fargo that she will lobby the Horab & Wentz firm to rehire Hensley.

Accounting firm partner Scott Wentz on Friday declined to comment on whether the firm would consider Sarah Hassan’s request.