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Muslims Prepare Funerals for Victims of Bronx Fire

As the Muslim community in Bronx, New York, grieves for the loss of many victims to building fire, members of the Islamic Cultural Center have been raising funds to help families with funeral services.

“It’s been tough, but we have faith on our side as Muslims,” said Haji Dukuray, whose nephew, also named Haji Dukuray, perished in the fire, along with the younger Dukuray’s wife, Haja Dukureh, and their children, Mustapha Dukureh, 12, Mariam Dukureh, 11, and Fatoumata Dukureh, 6, PIX11 reported.  

“We learn to accept such tragedies, unfortunately, as it is,” Haji Dukuray said.

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Seventeen victims were killed in the fire that erupted in a 19-story apartment building in Bronx Sunday. Eight children were among the 17 who died in the fire. 

Muslims Prepare Funerals for Victims of Bronx Fire - About Islam


Abdullate Chan, 19, lost his mother and 5-year-old brother in the fire. Chan was at work at the time and rushed to the scene after getting a text from a friend.

“When I got there, everyone came out of the building. I went to the cafeteria— I didn’t see my mom, I didn’t see my little sister or my brother,” said Chan, The Bronx News 12 reported.

“They gave me the wrong information. They told me that ‘She’s good, she’s OK.’ All of a sudden, seconds later, I asked about my little brother— he was gone, they told me about my mom— she was gone.”

The Islamic Cultural Center is assisting Chan with funeral arrangements. So far, 11 funerals for members of the Gambian community are scheduled to take place at the center.

“Funeral services will be beginning once we get the clearance from authorities,” said Bakary Camra of the Islamic Cultural Center.

“The ones who will be buried here will be buried here, and the ones who will be sent back home will be sent back home.”

Along with helping families with funeral services, the Muslim Community Network has launched a Launghgood fundraising for the families of the victims which raised more than $155,000.

The Gambian Youth Organization has also started a GoFund me campaign to help victims. Till the time of writing, people have raised $965,000 the funds which will be distributed to the families by the Gambian Youth Organization (GYO).