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Muslimah Rising: Being ME Conference Kicks Off in Calgary

CALGARY – Aiming to improve Muslim women in every element of life, the fourth Calgary Being ME conference kicks off on May 5 at Telus Convention Centre, Canada.

“Our first conference in 2014 took place in Toronto. We got a group of girls together and worked in cooperation with Mercy Mission Canada. It was a phenomenal success,” one of the conference’s organizers told Muslim Link.

“The theme of the conference this year is ‘Muslimah Rising’. It’s all about doing what it takes to strive for excellence in order to please Allah. Part of pleasing Allah is being the best that you can be in everything that you do,” the organizer expressed.

The women-only conference is organized by Mercy Mission, an organization that seeks to build exemplary Islamic communities that benefits humanity.

To date, Mercy Mission portfolio of social and education projects include NISA Helpline, National Zakat Foundation, AlKauthar Institute, and New Muslim Care.

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The event’s 7th Toronto edition was held on March 31.

Rich Event

Its administration engages with the Canadian Muslim community through volunteers, conversations, and feedbacks.

The event also includes a number of workshops like “Healthy Healing After Divorce” which is meant to empower divorced women to rediscover themselves and rebuild their lives. It’s designed to give them practical tips and techniques that they can apply in their lives.

Another workshop is ‘Marketing Yourself as a Muslimah’ which teaches Muslim women how to build a strong personal brand while staying true to who they are. It encourages Muslim women to focus on competition, responsibilities as well as career challenges.

A third workshop is named ‘Breast Health 101’ for fight and support against breast cancer.

Another workshop, titled ‘Putting Your Trust in the Best of Planners’, gears at helping people overcome indecisiveness and uncertainty by learning how to use the skills Allah gave them.

“What makes our event always unique throughout the past four years is the fact that there are a lot of challenges that are unique to Muslim women, and this conference provides a place for them to come for answers, support, sisterhood, and empowerment,” the organizer believes.

“Female speakers provide a different insight into our issues than male speakers who dominate other events can bring. There is a level of understanding that can’t be found anywhere else,” she concluded.