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Muslim Doctors Serve Ohio Needy

OHIO – As Islamophobia increases across the west, Muslim doctors at the Noor Community Clinic or Muslim Clinic of Ohio continue to serve the under-insured and under-served, an effort kicked off seven years ago.

“They wholeheartedly help each and every patient no matter what race or religion they might be,” patient Iqbal Begun, who’s responses were interpreted by her granddaughter, Durya Nadeem, told NBC on Wednesday, February 8.

Over the past years, this free clinic has been serving the community while inspiring young students to do the same no matter who you are.

Begun came to the clinic six years ago, with 2 and a half blocked arteries.

“She was very sick when she came,” said clinic founder Dr. Malika Haque. “She couldn’t take steps without feeling short of breath.”

Begun has no health insurance and didn’t know where to go, until she found the clinic, which works in partnership with the Ohio State University.

“As a heart patient she is doing amazing, which she is really thankful for,” said Nadeem, who is a high school junior and volunteer at the clinic.

“Be there for every single person no matter who they are, what race, religion, ethnicity, age, gender, doesn’t matter to me,” she said.

The clinic and the work they do have inspired her to become a doctor.

“I just want to help people just for the sake of helping and that’s what the Noor Clinic does as well,” said Nadeem.

At this clinic continue to serve patients from all faiths, who are under-insured or under-served, it is providing a teaching environment for medical students to learn how to interact with patients from different cultures.

“This is what we do here, have them overcome the fear of the unknown and get to know the patients,” said Dr. Haque.

“America is not made of one color, one race.”

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