US Muslim Body Issues Alert On Immigration Agency Raids

DETROIT — In an official release on July 4, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has alerted the Muslim community in Detroit, US about a recent controversial law enforcement campaign by the officers of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

CAIR’s alert reads: “ICE has been spotted in Hamtramck area, Detroit since July 2. The agency conducts traffic stops and knocks on doors trying to gain entry to homes to check documents.”

As a result, CAIR has issued a list of advice for the Muslim community and asked them to “report all encounters with ICE and other law enforcement.”

For the safety of the Muslim community, CAIR divided its list of ‘Dos and Don’ts’ in two categories, namely ‘Traffic Stops’ and ‘At Home’.

At ICE’s traffic stops, “show your identification, keep you immigration documents, and be aware that you’re not obliged to permit a search of your car.”

Moreover, “film the encounter and don’t answer questions regarding your religion, rituals, or any questions unrelated to the traffic stop or your identity.”

At Home Tips

For home safety during ICE’s controversial campaign, “don’t permit ICE officers to enter your house unless they have a warrant. Make sure the warrant is signed by a judge and that it’s issued for someone in the house by name.”

CAIR also stated that “an arrest warrant doesn’t allow ICE officers to enter the house and thus you have the right to remain silent. You’re also advised to get a copy of the business cards of ICE’s officers.”

Multnomah Camp

Multnomah Camp in Portland

In case of any unlawful acts by ICE agency, you’re encouraged to call CAIR for help at (248) 559-2247.

Protests Against ICE Raids

In light of ICE’s policies across USA, roads near its headquarter in Portland are swelling with protestors for ten days now.

Over 90 tents were erected by demonstrators in ‘Multnomah protest camp’ which they fortified with a wood wall and blue tarps. Washington Post reported on July 4.

The tents have banners that read “Nazis Inside” as the administration of the American president Donald Trump continues its border crackdown on illegal immigration amid fluctuating policies — including a now-abandoned strategy of separating children from their parents.

Much larger cities have since picked up on the ICE encampment tactics started here, including in New York and Los Angeles.

The protesters vow that Multnomah Camp in Portland will continue as a fully functioning mini-city until ICE shuts down.