Meet US Muslim American Women Mid-Term Candidates

WASHINGTON – As the US prepares for November midterm elections, this video shows American Muslim women running for Congress and what voters in their districts are saying about them.

“We’re going to Washington everyone,” Ilhan Omar, congressional Candidate in Minnesota says in the video shared by Voice of America.

“This win would mean so much more than just a seat in Congress. It is a powerful message,” Rashida Tlaib, Congressional Candidate in Michigan, said.

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Omar, who entered a race against a pack of five other candidates to fill current Rep. Keith Ellison’s seat, won 48 percent of August’s primary vote.

She became the nation’s first Somali-American lawmaker after being elected last November 2016 as a state representative from Minneapolis.

With no Republican candidate, Tlaib will become the US’s first ever Muslim woman elected to Congress after winning the Democratic nomination to represent Michigan’s 13th district last August.

Tlaib previously held a seat in the Michigan House of Representatives, first winning in 2008 and becoming just the second Muslim woman to serve in a state legislature nationwide, after Jamilah Nasheed of Missouri.