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Ramadan’s Joy even with Lockdown

Making This Ramadan the Best Ever: US Muslims Share Plans

Shimmering silver star and crescent cut-outs, green and golden streamers, and large die-cut individual letters that spell Ramadan lined the apartment floor of Hadiyya Ansari. She was preparing to decorate her home in anticipation for the Holy month of Ramadan.

Muslims all over the world decorate their homes and masjids to signify the importance of this impending holy month. 

Preparations for Ramadan are underway, just as they have been every year, however this year feels very different. American Muslims are approaching a new and unprecedented socially-distant Ramadan this year.

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The US currently has the highest rate of COVID-19 cases, which has drastically shifted the culture of Americans from highly social to socially distant.

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Muslims, like Hadiyya Ansari are processing this change, while engaging their communities in ways to stay consistent, positive, and focused on the opportunity to increase their spirituality during this upcoming Ramadan.

In anticipation of this beautiful opportunity, American Muslims share their plans to make this Ramadan the best ever with 

Making This Ramadan the Best Ever: US Muslims Share Plans - About Islam

Inspirational Stories from American Muslims

“My goal is to focus on family and creating new traditions, crafts, reading, teaching the kids about Ramadan, and being grateful.” – Khadijah Bint Ayoob from Texas

“I plan to set up a prayer room in my house dedicated to reading the Qur’an and completing nightly prayers throughout the entire month” — Ibrahim Jamal Awad

Ibrahim Jamal Awad
Ibrahim Jamal Awad

“I want my focus to be about my family and self-reflection,” Sara Wada from Georgia shared with

Sara Wada
Sara Wada

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