Kentucky Muslims Serve Needy, Homeless

LEXINGTON, Kentucky – The local Muslim community in Lexington, Kentucky will hold its first-ever Day of Dignity on Saturday, October 28, to serve the needy and homeless.

“Our sense of giving and community and building ties with our neighbors regardless of your faith, or background, or ethnicity,” Ratul Ahmed with SHARE Kentucky told on Friday, October 27.

“That’s what’s important to us.  That we’re giving for the sake of God.”

Ahmed added that the focus of the event is serving the homeless and needy residents in the West End.

SHARE stands for Service in Human Advancement and Resource Enhancement.

During the event, planned at Douglas Park off Georgetown Street, hygiene and school supplies will be distributed along with coats, socks, and other winter weather clothing.

Ahmed added that health professionals will volunteer their time to provide dental and vision screenings, plus HIV testing.

Several agencies representing substance abuse, adoption, and veterans services will also participate in the Day of Dignity.

The local group received a $10,000 grant from Islamic Relief USA.